Is Hadoop Certification Beneficial For Software Professionals? Read This!

Hadoop is believed to be the newest trend in the IT sector, with its increasing popularity being witnessed all over the world. Nowadays, almost every industry vertical is making use of software-based systems. Software developers and engineers have a tough time dealing with huge data systems which are complex. Hadoop has come as a rescue for software professionals making their tasks a lot easier. Nowadays, there is an increased demand for Hadoop, which is urging more and more IT professionals to get certified in Hadoop. If you are interested, try Hadoop Certification in Chennai.

Big Data and Hadoop benefits for software developers
Data-related software problems are very common in the software development field. Massive data often creates a headache to the developers. General bug detection happens in such a way that the machines analyse large volumes of codes and just takes some parts, relate them to how similar problems are solved in the past and suggest solutions to the developer. Big Data goes a few steps ahead here. It points out the underlying problems along with solutions. It finds out the problems in the code that can cause bugs and suggests them to the developer then and there.

Is the Shift smooth?
The idea of adopting a new domain may seem a bit challenging in the beginning. But with the right guidance, shifting to Big Data Scripts is not a hectic task. People with Java experience will find it very simple. This does not mean that non-Java people have to stay back, there are certain tools like Sqoop, Hive, Pig, etc. which is completely SQL based and can be handled easily by those not experienced in Java as well.

There are shared platforms and skills which can be utilised to make the transition easier. Right attitude, desire to learn new things and perfect orientation are the only features required to adapt to the change.

How can the Big Data and Hadoop training and certification process help software testers?
Testing engineering often faces troubles while solving Big Data problems. The scenario is common in research field which deals with large data. Genomics, meteorology, complex simulations in Physics, etc. are some of such areas. Hadoop and Big Data tools help engineers in adopting unique tools for testing such complex datasets.

Perks that come with gaining a Hadoop certification
Certified candidates are preferred over non-certified candidates by most of the job recruiters.
Pay package is more for certified professionals.
Hadoop certification gives additional advantage during assessment processes and promotions, thus helping you to move up the career ladder.
Certification is a proof for your awareness of the latest features and hands-on experience with Big Data.
Certification makes you more confident in the field.
Gives you a chance to interact with the experts in this field thereby widening your professional network.
Helps to give you more exposure in the field of Big Data Processing.

How to become Hadoop Certified?
Regular classes, as well as online options, are available. The former option may not be a practical one for professionals who are working full-time. The online training is the best option for this group. Many institutes are providing online training; some offer live training also. Live training has got more advantages compared to non-live ones as it helps in increased interaction and thereby better understanding of the concepts. They help you to learn from your home.

Who will benefit from Hadoop training and certification?
As already explained, Software field is highly benefitted with Hadoop. Analytics professionals, Project Managers, ETL developers are the other beneficiaries. In fact, anyone with a genuine interest can go for this certification.

Job seekers looking for a good start in IT companies will find this additional skill beneficial. Employees who are already in IT field can take advantage of the training and certification to stay updated with new techniques, to make their job easier and for quick career growth.

Final note!
At present, there is no other open source framework which can manage and process large data as efficiently as Hadoop does. Hence, Hadoop certification is a badge on your shoulder which will increase your demand in the IT field. Exponential growth is expected in the Big Data processing industry in the next five years. So this is the best time to learn this world-class technology and make yourself an expert in Big Data processing.

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