Reasons Why Salesforce Is Great And Why You Should Opt For It

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Salesforce is a cloud computing and storing technology that allows any type of organization to keep up to date with different data sets and management protocols. If the CRM is well-designed, it will permit the business to get better customer leads while saving time in the lead discovery process and create automated internal sales progressions all under one broad umbrella. This constant, real time access to information allows employees of all levels to take smarter and more efficient decisions in a lesser amount of time. Though Salesforce has been hailed as an IT breakthrough, there are bound to be some drawbacks among the outstanding points which any company transitioning to this particular CRM and or thinking about undertaking salesforce developer online training should keep in mind.

Salesforce has been holding the number one spot for CRM for the past few years with good reason. Salesforce’s top notch customer service, product user experience and training along with their own CRM take on data management has proven again and again to be consistent and beneficial. Not only is Salesforce the biggest CRM provider but it also frees up server space for companies by placing most data in the cloud. Not only does this reduce resource expenses but it also allows the data to be accessed anywhere while still being secure and virtually impervious to data loss. This also allows collaborations between companies by permitting data sharing of specific data related solely to the project

Unlike some CRMs that run on very specific OS or browsers, Salesforce supports nearly all major internet browsers. From Opera to Firefox to Internet Explorer, Salesforce’s CRM is able to perform equally well on all browsers companies tend to use today. What makes this even more worthwhile is that it’s set up is similar to Facebook, making it easy for even the most basic user to operate. Another advantage is that there are no software or hardware requirements for Salesforce to run since it is cloud based. This lets the business dive into their respective marketplace as quickly as they need to and create their niche. One of the biggest benefits of Salesforce is the fact that it reduces training expenses and that it is a full package with no hidden costs or drawbacks.

Despite what has been said however, there are certain problems that come with Salesforce, not because of its quality but rather because of the extensiveness and complexity that it can become. For example, Salesforce is considered too expensive for most small businesses to afford. Though the benefits they could reap from using the technology are boundless, the budget could put a cap to that dream, and thus redirecting them to use a cheaper CRM service. Frankly, any good CRM should be able to provide the same services that Salesforce provides without breaking the bank. In fact, competitors in the field can and usually do make the same claims about their CRM and clientele and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

For people who are situated in more remote areas or in countries where the internet is not so great, this could present a huge problem seeing as to how Salesforce depends entire on the internet. For those kinds of companies, on-site hosting would be best, not to mention more stable. Speaking about hosting, the plans that Salesforce offer may not be suitable to every company out there. While prices can start pretty low, the actual features included in the bundle are capped off at lower limits when compared to more premium packages and this is fixed. Hence, if the clientele were to increase, the company has the choice of upgrading to a more expensive package or wait till the system resets and lose out on new customers. In fact, the limits placed for each feature s what drives away most small businesses.

The final nail on the coffin is the fact that all systems linked to the CRM will be forced to update whether they want to or not; this is because Salesforce is a single tenanted system. Regardless of the business, they will all be forced to update, something which not all companies will be agreeable with. These points serve to help the executives of a company to make the decision of whether Salesforce is right for their company. The pros of using it stack high against the cons, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t be cautious when looking to use it.

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