Salesforce Admin Certifications


The Salesforce Certified Administration Certification is created for individuals who have practical experience as a Salesforce Administrator. The program incorporates the attributes of applications, features and operations accessible to an end user, and the arrangement and administration choices available to an Administrator over Collaboration, Sales and Service Clouds.

There are two credentials in the program. One is Salesforce Certified Administrator and the other one is Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

  • Certified Administrator training and certification is focused on the functionality and features utilized to maintain a Salesforce application.
  • Certified Advanced Administrator is targeted for the expert Salesforce Certified Administrator, who stands in the advanced level of Salesforce configuration and maintenance, best practices, functions and features of Salesforce Administration, to solve tough business problems.

What to Expect?

The purpose of the Salesforce Admin Certifications is to help the candidates assess if they have successfully completed the training and exam. They will be offered the details about the target audience, the suggested documentation and training, and a list of the objectives to help them pass the exam.


It is recommended that the candidate has a combination of course attendance, on-the-job experience, and self-study as well to enhance the chances of clearing the exam to become a Certified Administrator or Certified Advanced Administrator.

The candidates should have the prior experience such as the practical application of concepts and skills that are mentioned in the exam objectives.The candidates should possess general knowledge of all the features that are available to the users and the options of configurations that are available to the certified Salesforce administrator. Candidates taking up this Salesforce training from a reputed Salesforce training institute should be able to maintain a Salesforce organization, perform administrative functions with the existing version of Salesforce features and respond to the common business needs.

The candidates should take up the Administration Essentials course (ADM201) from any good and authorized Salesforce training center or have the knowledge and experience in the same before they appear for the exam. In addition, the candidates should have a minimum of six months of experience working as a Salesforce administrator and they should be able to carry out the tasks that are outlined as the objectives of the exam. The candidates taking up the Salesforce learning are recommended to have hands-on experience on the platform as a Salesforce administrator, complete the training course, and do the self-study as well that are outlined in the guide to prepare for the exam.

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