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Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit our website. The site is dedicated to providing discussions and information about Cloud Solutions, Salesforce training centre in India. We at cloud solutions concentrate on intensive training for Business starters, individuals, medium-sized companies and enterprises. Our exclusive training module takes pride in offering current projects, Hands on training and job oriented programs.

Why our Salesforce training centre is the best?

Cloud Solutions, one of the premier Salesforce training facilities in India is equipped with the certified and experienced team of trainers. We are specialized in Company particular end user training and traditional classroom training. Our focused training methodology is targeted towards unique marketing goals. If you are eager to outperform your competition in Administration, service, sales and marketing, we provide an in-depth training to launch your career to further heights.

Features of Cloud solutions, Sales force training centre:

Our training centre is designed with a featured curriculum in all aspects. We offer

  • Interactive training
  • Small classes
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Salesforce certified consultants
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Relevant topics
  • Livesalesforce.com instance
  • Best practices
  • Training for every Industry

Expand your Return on investment and results with industry specific training. Accelerate your career and get the most out of it with our training curriculum. Given below is a brief on how our Salesforce Training programs can impact different industries that use Salesforce.


Our technology is highly optimized with live Salesforce training that elevates your company Sales, Service and Marketing. Live Salesforce Training has got its potential to offer training and course development that aligns your business process.


Media enables excellent communication and collaboration with the internal and external constituents. Perk up conversions and customer targeting. Upgrades marketing, distribution channels and sales advertising. Media is dominant over all available assets including digital.


Live Salesforce Training drives your organizations to new levels and enhances you to build courses unique to your industry. Maximize your results for service, sales and marketing.

Professional services

Link your marketing and sales service for peak results. Training relevant to professional service companies take into account the training needs of consultancies such as business development specialists, medical officers, attorneys, accountants, marketers and others.


Cloud Solutions’ Salesforce Training help manufacturers with custom training solutions that comprise curriculum development, need analysis and delivery. Employ stand out requirements that permit better connectivity with outside third parties and improved internal relationship. Authorize your manufacturing company with specific training for service, marketing and sales.


Attain a competitive advantage with customized course creation. Abide current laws and regulations. Betterment from training developed mainly for your financial services company needs. Your company is distinct- Your training should also be.Take advantage of time sensitive openings.

Non-profit Organisations

Enhance project management effectiveness. Learn how to get better with sharing and collaboration. Expand donations and involvement with custom training.

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