Salesforce Developer Certifications For Budding Saleforce Developers

Salesforce Developer Certifications are for the individuals who want to put forward their capabilities to create applications on the frameworks. The program consists of testing declarative as well as programmatic capabilities on Apex and Visual Force, cloud computing and application lifecycle management as a service.

It encompasses two exams such as Salesforce Certified Developer and Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer exams. The former is the prerequisite to the latter. There are other two important tasks encompassed with this program. They are Advanced Developer Programming Assignment and Advanced Developer Essay Exam. Basically, a candidate should complete these three phases to get this credential.


In fact, the Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer exam demands the candidates to complete the Salesforce Certified Developer training and clear the exam to get the certification. In the Salesforce Advanced Developer program, the candidates will get the programmatic abilities of the platform, and this includes the pages and code.

What to Expect?

Salesforce Certified Developer Program

The candidates taking up the Salesforce Certified Developer exam will be given the training of how to apply the involved skills and concepts practically on the platform. The candidate need not manage or configure the Salesforce applications, but he or she should have the expertise with the user interface and data model of Salesforce. There should be a broad knowledge of the platform’s declarative functionality that will describe the use cases for the functionality to create the applications using the standard interface of Salesforce.

The candidate should have a good understanding of the abilities of the respective declarative functionality and also identify the application design specifications that are needed. He or she should be able to design and develop analytics or reports. The appropriate solutions to the business challenges and process requirements should be identified.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer Program

As a part of the programming assignment, the candidate learning Salesforce Advanced Developer program will get a set of development parameters and requirements, and he or she will take a specific amount of time to complete the assignment and submit it as well. Within the deadline, the candidate can complete the task at his or her own pace without working at the proctored site.

In the Advanced Developer essay exam that follows the submission of the respective programming assignment, the candidate who has taken the Salesforce training has to complete the short answer or essay proctored exam covering the programming assignment’s specifics. Both the programming assignment and the essay exam will be assessed together and scored before the candidate gets the Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer certification.

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