How Can An Admin Get Smarter With Advanced Salesforce Administrator Training?

The advanced Salesforce training course is designed to help the Salesforce systems administrators fulfill the responsibilities for the implementation and maintenance of the existing organizations. Upon successful completion of this course, you will able recognize the five fundamental business processes every company can manage using Salesforce irrespective of the license edition.


To confirm success in the course; basically, you should posses a sound knowledge of the end user skill such as creating managing opportunities. It is mandatory to have the necessary administrative experience such as setting up and managing the sales cloud.

What will you learn here?

  • Implement security.
  • Manage administration setup.
  • Create various dashboards and report.
  • Configure the user interface.
  • Recognize the essential components of SMART administration for Salesforce.
  • Manage campaigns.
  • Design and implement account and contact management.
  • Design and manage opportunity objects.
  • Configure case management.
  • Create lead objects.

The trainers acquire a crystal clear idea about salesforce management and pickup the agile principles to guide the organization.

Why you must take certified advanced administrator exam?

The test practices enforced by the Salesforce industry mainly focuses on administering Salesforce, making it vital to participate in the certification program. Senior administrators who wish to play a leading role in the Salesforce industry can take the exam. Those who have cleared Salesforce certified administrator test can also apply for certified managers.


You should know the delegated administration and security as well as the sharing model. Candidates must have an idea of deployment tools, customizing object, data managements, managing users, reports, and dashboards. Exceptional reporting skills with PARENT GROUPVAL and PREGROUPVAL is a must. Sound knowledge on content management could be an added advantage.

Am I eligible to take up certified advanced administrator exam?

The Salesforce industry is very strict about the eligibility criteria. The candidate should posses the below-mentioned qualities to take up the exam.

  • Adequate experience as a salesforce administrator.
  • Trained in the concepts of reporting, design and dashboard.
  • Minimum 6 months experience as Salesforce Administrator.
  • Should have completed the necessary administrative level ADM201.
  • Experience in cloud computing and technology.

The important note is that software developers who are willing to maximize the career opportunities can also take up the exam after completing the training sessions on Salesforce necessary administration.

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