Certified Developer Certified Developer exam is especially for an individual with custom applications development experience on platform. It includes the practical application of knowledge and principles. It pulls out the skills in handling Salesforce user interface and data model and the declarative functionality of the framework. Analytics is one of the main skills noted. There is no need to develop any codes using Apex Programming language or to manage and migrate the applications or to make use of IDE.

Eligibility Criteria:

Before the examination, the candidate should complete the Building Applications with course called as DEV 401. It is offered by and many other authorized Salesforce Training Institutes. The candidate should be able to,

  • Work in Salesforce Data model and User Interface
  • Describe and use declarative functionality
  • Identify the specifications which need pages and codes
  • Design and build reports
  • Identify proper solutions to business issues by making use of the knowledge in

Exam Features:

1. Question Pattern: 60 Multiple Choice Questions

2. Time Frame: 90 Minutes

3. Minimum Pass Percentage: 68%

4. Condition: Highly recommended course attendance

5. Registration Fee:

  • First Appearance: $200
  • Reappearance: $100

6. Language Choices:

  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

7. Exam Outline:


Data Model 32%
Business Logic 23%
User Interface 15%
Reporting 10%
Data Management 10%
Overview of Platform 5%
Application Design 5%

Certificate Maintenance:

To maintain the credential, it is required to complete release-based Salesforce Certified Developer exam. For each of the new Salesforce products, three release exams will be conducted yearly. The initial cost includes two online release exams and Salesforce Certified Developer exam. A maintenance fee of $100 is charged annually during the registration of every third release exam, to maintain the certificate current. It includes all the three new release exams and support study materials. An automated notification will reach the candidates during every new announcement.

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