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What does Salesforce service cloud offer you?

The Salesforce service cloud automates you CRM and creates calls, cases and social network works. We retain your customers with the use of integrated tools. We provide you various options to make your business intelligent.

Service Center

Enable you to connect with your e-mails, cases, call center, social networks, knowledge base and more.


No e-mail delays. Fix the right service agent automatically, as soon as you receive the mail. Automated responses are available with additional information.

Google Search

Optimize your website and knowledge base and help customers find the right answers. We make the search engineer work for you.

Reports and Dashboards

Track your customer Service operations and agent performance. Recognize the obstacles and help to create improved and exclusive knowledge solutions.

Salesforce Call Center

Make use of the available tools to increase your productivity. Employs communication channels used by your customers and enable you to stay in a connected environment.

Collaborative Knowledge

The right answer from one database is shared across the entire service channels such as website, call center and social media. Enable filtration to sort out the best option.

Call Scripting

The call scripting enables quick serve to your customers. Helps your call center agents to carry out job better, by offering them tips on what to say and what details to tell to your leads and clients.


Maximize partner relationship and efficiency. Permits third parties to administer cases and collaborate without exhibiting any sensitive information.

Entitlements & Contracts

Administer service cost more efficiently. Set timeline milestones and match the customers to the exact level of service immediately.

Social analysis and monitoring

The social monitoring helps to link conversations about your company products and services quickly. Social analysis helps to monitor the social network and suggest conditions for marketing, sales and service agents.

Live Agents and Self Service Communities

The live agent tracks everything in Salesforce and quickly communicates with customers using live chat on the website.

Top Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

  •  Maximize CSR (customer service response) and solve issues.
  •  Communicate with customers through different channels and engage customers with voice, chat, e-mail, user community, knowledge base, search, and social media.
  • Instant messages with all script.
  • Employ dashboards for accountability and progress assessments.

Get Into Salesforce Service Training

The Salesforce service training provides knowledge about contact center, customer inquiries, respond to cases and knowledge base. We offer:

  • Personal training
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Live Salesforce instance
  • Low cost
  • Generalized training
  • Salesforce certified consultant
  • Live online training
  • Customized courses
  • Highly interactive

What will you learn?

The training for the Salesforce Service Cloud includes these topics. fast start

You learn the crucial concepts, terms and setup rules, inclusive of search protocols and naming conventions. The course provides you the essentials to get started quickly.

Topic-2: Actionable Report Building

You will learn to generate meaningful data and workflow reports that issue results. The course ensures better management of your performance.

Topic-3: Salesforce Service Cloud Enablement 101

You will gain knowledge about the process and workflow for support teams, cases and knowledge base. The course will give you an idea to expand your customer service with low cost.

Topic-4: Social Business for Salesforce 101

Expand the Twitter and Facebook results with Salesforce. Enable you to stay connected with the social media conversation linked with leads and clients.

Topic-5: Salesforce Service Cloud Enablement 201

The course tells you how to share information with the customer base, and elevates your customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Topic-6: Dashboard Visualizations

You will learn to create Visual summations for business metrics. The course enhances a better view on performance and business management.

Guidelines to Crack Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certified Exam

Exam pattern: Has 60 multiple choice questions similar to other Salesforce certification exams. The allotted duration is 105 minutes. Until you know the basics of Salesforce service cloud, it is hard to get through the exam. The minimum score to clear the exam is 68%. Initially the candidates will have to register for the exam with the payment of $200 fee for re-exam is $100. The rules and regulations of the exam are very strict, and you will not be permitted to the exam hall if you indulge in any malpractices.

Crack the exam and become a certified Salesforce service cloud professional.

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