Certified Advanced Developer Certified Advanced Developer Certification is for the individuals who wish to augment their work life by considering the merits of platform. This certificate is specialized for those with the programmatic skills. It includes two platforms namely Code and Pages. It helps in triggering the custom applications skills.

In order to get the most out of this program, it is required to utilize practical job experience, self-study and course attendance. This certification exam differs from the other exams because it comprises of three levels. It is quite tough but a thorough and dedicated preparation helps in handling these levels efficiently.

Eligibility Criteria:

The candidate must successfully finish off Apex and Visualforce Controllers Course (DEV 501) with the Salesforce Certified Developer exam. The candidate must possess the potential to,

  • Work with Data model and UI
  • Develop codes by using Apex and personalize UI using Visualforce
  • Develop and deploy lifecycle.
  • Utilize capabilities and solve business challenges
  • Design test strategies

Exam Features:

The pattern of examination is divided into three phases.

The Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer Multiple-Choice Exam-

1. Question Pattern: 69 Multiple Choice Questions

2. Time Frame: 120 Minutes

3. Minimum Pass Percentage: 73%

4. Condition: Must have completed Salesforce Certified Developer exam.

The Course attendance is highly suggested.

  • 5. Registration Fee:
  • First Appearance: $400
  • Reappearance: $200

6. Language Choices:

  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

The Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer Programming Assignment-

1. Condition: Must have completed Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer Multiple-Choice exam and Developer release exams

2. Pattern: Should develop programmatic components of an application by applying Visualforce and Apex.

3. Time Frame: One month

The Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer Essay Exam-

1. The Exam is scheduled at the time of registering the programming assignment.

2. Pattern: 3-5 short essays (in relevant to the programming assignment)

3. Time Frame: 60 Minutes

Exam Outline:

Visualforce 38%
Apex 33%
Testing and Debugging 16%
Development Lifecycle 13%

Certificate Maintenance:

For each of the new Salesforce products, three release exams will be conducted yearly. A fee of $100 is charged annually to maintain the certification current. It includes three maintenance exams and support materials. An automated notification will reach the certified professionals when new releases are issued. The condition precedent maintaining the credibility of this certification is to complete release-based Salesforce Certified Developer exam.

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