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The Salesforce Sales Cloud enables your sales. We design solutions for you in alignment with your needs. The Automation and process improvement is achieved with the Salesforce sales cloud. The Salesforce sales cloud is featured with:

Marketing Automation

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Marketing Automation concentrates on CRM as well as sales increase. We often believe that effective marketing results fast. Customer for life knows how to apply technology for growth. We have adopted a closed-loop marketing and sales information sharing system and experience success with that. Customer for life provides new information for your sales team, and automated transfer of opportunities to that deals are not lost. We maximize your campaign effectiveness and help you to manage multi-channel campaigns including direct mail, e-mail, Voice, and search.


  • Content management
  • Campaign
  • Communication
  • E-mail marketing
  • Data quality management
  • Direct mail
  • Marketing analytics and dashboards
  • Search marketing
  • Workflow automation
  • Lead Management
  • List Management

We attract our customers with automated designs.

E-Mail and Direct Mail

E-mail develops personalization and promotes response, profit rates, relationships. Direct mail enhances one to one communication based on profile details.

Lists and Surveys

We have highly targeted lists with predictive modeling. Beyond assessment, our survey adds referrals, quality and sell, up sell and cross sell.


We promote our sales with dynamic landing pages and precision targeting. Our aim is to create high relevance among keywords and ads. We stay with in delivering more conversations that we define as sales.

VOIP Call Centre

It just involves three easy steps. Just click, speak and sell it work done. The VOIP call center integrates your web center with Salesforce. It has in-built native custom talk points and screen pops that gear up relationships building and sales.

Reports and Dashboards

Elevates your efficiency and get a pulse on the campaigns that are most effective and those that are not worth.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

The Salesforce automation enables you to close more deals efficiently with less time. Customer for life increases the business efficiency and profitability. It empowers your sales team with crucial information on the go to close more deals. It enables you to become more responsive to your customers with little work pressure.

SFA offer solution that best fit your relevant industry and business needs. We minimize the work of your salespeople. Necessary tools and information are at their fingertips on a Blackberry, iPhone, PC or a Palm. We enable greater functionality that is relevant to the industry with first fewer clicks.

Sales Lead Management

At times you have complex requirements with business, support leads, consumer, service, non-profit and alliance getting into your organization. Allocating the right lead to the apt representative ensures proper qualifying by the individuals handling the opportunity. Instant response to the lead combined with tools to efficiently take up the prospect increases closings. We never let the leads fall down.

Sales Analytics and Forecasting

Customers for life influence the and place the data at your fingertips to choose intelligent business choices. We develop dynamic analytics for sales, marketing and support visibility.

Automatic Data Capture

Automatically transfer your data into Salesforce from any data source. Manual re-entry is denied.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Training Details

Offer training for your sales and marketing teams and Maximize the collaboration, lead generation, and campaign management. Help you to reach the target.

Training Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

We offer courses online and in person also.

  • Less expensive
  • Live online training
  • Highly interactive
  • Expert Salesforce certified consultant
  • Detailed course structure
  • In person training
  • Refreshed curriculum
  • Live Salesforce instance

What Will You Learn?

Training for Salesforce sales cloud covers these topics.

Topic-1: fast start

You learn the crucial concepts, terms and setup rules, inclusive of search protocols and naming conventions. The course provides you the essentials to get started quickly.

Topic-2: Actionable Report Building

You will learn to generate meaningful data and workflow reports that issue results. The course ensures better management of your performance.

Topic-3: Sales Acceleration Requisites

The course is compact with the Salesforce automation module, opportunity development, and marketing process connectivity through sales life cycle. The course assures sales increase.

Topic-4: Effective E-Mail Campaigns

Provide you the required knowledge about personal and custom e-mails parallel to the sales stages and events. The skills you obtain from the course automate your sales communication, relationship building, and maximize response rates.

Topic-5: Social Business for Salesforce101

Expand the Twitter and Facebook results with Salesforce. Enable you to stay connected with the social media conversation linked with leads and clients.

Topic-6: Marketing Automation Essentials

Throws light on professional marketing campaign creation inclusive of direct mail and e-mail on the fly. Expand your productivity level with less cost.

Topic-7: Business to Consumer Sales (B2C)

You will learn to create database structure for B2C instances with exceptional considerations.

Topic-8: Dynamic Sales Forecasting

Afford flexible revenue forecasting across the whole Organization. Adapt to the varying opportunity plan, economic, configure and setup. Ensure you to measure align with needs and maximize performance and revenue.

Topic-9: Social Business for Salesforce201

Link Twitter and Facebook communications with cases and leads. Convert social media into a tool for sales, marketing and customer service.

Topic-10: Dashboard Visualizations

You will learn to create Visual summations for business metrics. The course enhances a better view on performance and business management.

Guidelines to crack certified sales cloud certification exam:

Exam pattern: Has 60 multiple choice questions similar to other Salesforce certification exams. The allotted duration is 105 minutes. Until you know the basics of Salesforce sales cloud, it is hard to get through the exam. The minimum score to clear the exam is 68%. Initially the candidates will have to register for the exam with the payment of $200 fee for re-exam is $100. The rules and regulations of the exam are very strict, and you will not be permitted to the exam hall if you indulge in any malpractices.

Crack the exam and become a certified Salesforce sales cloud professional.

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