Salesforce Administration Training For Salesforce Administrators

The Salesforce administration-training course offers you a comprehensive training sessions specially designed for the one who is starting a new Salesforce administration position. The course is available virtually at our training centres or your place of business (5+ attendees). The core concept discussed in the training module provides in-depth information on administration which is a must for current Salesforce users. We list the remarkable features of Salesforce administration training.

  • Dynamic and offers hands-on courses which comprise the rigid material including slides and videos.
  • We enrich the entire course with the fundamentals of Salesforce.

There are certain prerequisites jotted down

  • You should have Sound knowledge of Salesforce concepts and functionality.
  • Solid understanding of the primary functionality of standard objects.
  • Knowledge of sales teams basics.

Course content and business benefits:

  • Knowledge of app exchange.
  • Controlling and creating a Salesforce org.
  • Data management – migration, cleansing, reports, dashboards and validation.
  • Security – sharing rules, user administration, and workflow management.
  • Administration and setup of custom and standard objects.
  • Service clouds – Service level agreements, case management, consoles & portals.
  • Sales clouds – contracts, products, campaign, lead management and price looks.

Who should take this class?

  • Fresh Salesforce end users
  • Passion for new Salesforce career
  • Current Salesforce user
  • New Salesforce administrators
  • IT personnel hiring a refresher

What will you learn?

Managing users

You come to know about the troubleshoot permission and log in problems. Initially, you will learn how to create new users and manage existing ones. You get familiar with the rules relevant to your corporate structure.

Customizing objects

You will understand the process of creating new files and placing them on a page layout. Attain a stability to set up the user interface and get used to recording types and business process. You get an idea to create new custom objects when your data does not support a standard object; such as tracking customer feedback.

Automating process

Automation empowers Salesforce with automatic notifications or response and actively leads team members. You will be able to create a list of to do activities, automatically. Enhance the use web forms to capture records from your website.

Data management:

Accurate validation and data formatting are essential for an administrator. You will be educated on smooth record transfer and data import and export. Learn about the privacy option which permits only the specific users to access the data. The trainees get exposed to automatic field updates.

Reports and dashboards:

Reports and dashboards are the gateways for your business intelligence. One can gain knowledge about generating quality reports using filter option. Get a clear cut idea on when to use the tabular, summary and matrix reports. You will learn to build reports and dashboards efficiently and, later on, convert those reports into a killer graph. Achieve a competitive advantage with intensive administration training. The active Salesforce administrative training enhances you to dominate the legislative environment by teaching you the basics and best practices of what is essential.

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