Explore Apex And Visual Force With Salesforce Developer Training

Cloud Solutions offers the Salesforce Developer training program for those who intend to come out in flying colours in the certification exam. This training program is the perfect substitute to the Apex and Visual force controller. The session provides some real-time programming examples that are highly relevant to the current scene. The training course is available online as well, which makes it easy for those who are unable to attend the scheduled classroom training.


  • One should hold Salesforce certified administrator certification (or) be familiar with force.com developer
  • Minimum knowledge of Salesforce administration & configuration (SPADM-203) or equivalent experience

What are the topics covered in the training?

Senior instructors who are in the mix of real-time programming will be conducting the training sessions. An additional feature of our training session is that we drill our students with model question paper, which will be helpful to explain the main exam in future. The training module covers the below given concepts…

  • Helps you to get a clear idea of the software development life cycle on the force.com platform. Utilize metadata API, Managed packets, Unmanaged packages and Change Sets.
  • It covers the basics of Apex-Apex triggers, Visual force custom controllers, e-mail services, controller extensions, web services, using Apex.
  • An introduction to force.com development tools and few practical exercises on it. It doesn’t stop here. You will also learn about force.com IDE, Developer console and developers workbench.
  • The training sessions also impart knowledge on visual force fundamentals – embedding a Visual Force page in a dashboard, embedding a Google chart on visual force page, employing CSS within visual force pages, embedding a Salesforce chart on Visual effect page, etc.
  • The outstanding feature of the class is that most training sessions are practical based. We provide free space for the students to go ahead with the practical sessions even after the class is over.

How your career gets boosted with force.com developer certificate?

As our training program contains necessary program modules in alignment with force.com platforms, the trainees acquire sufficient skills to understand the field efficiently and produce desired results. The trainers drill minute concepts in data modeling, security for custom applications, user interface creation and business logic that are unique to Salesforce. The intensive training is a mere tool for the candidate to get familiar with all the steps, right from development to testing. Our training program joins hands with your career, making it “out of the box”.

Fundamental developer Salesforce training exam:

The fundamental developer examination consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and the duration is 105minute. The minimum score to clear the exam is 68%. The rules and the regulations of the exam are very strict, and no reference material will be allowed to take into the exam hall.

Elevate your CRM with Dev 401:

Enables easy CRM (Customer Relationship Maintenance). Always customers spread the word to others about your business. Effective CRM plays a crucial role in Salesforce. One should know certain tactics to overcome the hurdles faced in CRM. The dev 401 training program helps you to carry out CRM effectively without any obstacles. Organizations today realized the importance of CRM schemes and its relation to the client and customer relationship. With the Dev 401, you will learn to handle bulk data quickly. You can easily customize and control a massive amount of data on daily basis.

Dev 401 Certificate examination:

Initially, you have to attend our training program to understand the velocity of the Salesforce Dev 401. These programs will help you to clear the exam and issue certificate for various skills such as cloud computing, programming, and other developments. The certification will give your career a good start. Upon the successful completion of the certified examination, you will be well equipped with various techniques and agendas, in making the program easier.

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