Certified Administrator

What is Certified Administrator Certification Program All About? Certified Administrator Certification is for the individuals, who hold Salesforce experience and interest to move on to the next level in their career. It enhances the awareness of the general skills about the end-user features and configuration options. To be eligible for this certification, the candidates must have capabilities in handling a Salesforce organization, common business needs and administrative operations in the latest version of Salesforce platform.

Eligibility Criteria:

Prior to the examination, the candidate should undergo and finish the Administrator Essentials Course called as ADM201. It is offered by and various other Salesforce Training Institutes. In addition, the candidate should possess a minimum of six months of practical experience working as a Salesforce System Administrator. It is very important that the candidate should be capable enough to accomplish the goals framed in the exam objectives.

Exam Features:

1. Question Pattern: 60 Multiple Choice Questions

2. Time Frame: 90 Minutes

3. Minimum Pass Percentage: 65%

4. Condition: Attendance of Certified Administrator Course is highly


5. Registration Fee:

  •  First Appearance: $200
  •  Reappearance: $100

6. Language Choices:

  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German weight age
  • 7. Exam Outline:


Standard and Custom Objects 18%
Security and Access 15%
Reports and Dashboards 13%
Data Management 11%
Sales Cloud Applications 9%
User Setup 9%
Workflow Automation 7%
Service Cloud Applications 6%
Activity Management 3%
AppExchange 2%
Content and Folder Management 2%
Desktop and Mobile Administration 2%
Organization Setup 1%
Global User Interface 1%
Chatter 1%

Certificate Maintenance:

For each of the new Salesforce products, three release exams will be conducted yearly. An initial cost includes one Salesforce Certified Administrator exam and two online release exams. Later a maintenance fee of $100 is charged annually to maintain the certification current. It includes three maintenance exams and support materials. An automated notification will reach the certified professionals when new releases are issued.

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