How Salesforce Developer Training Educates The Tool Developers?

What is Salesforce developer training?

We intensively drill the master concepts on App Builder and Dev 401 by expert trainers in Salesforce developer training. We help you to learn administration, set up Salesforce and bring out new applications using

Is this course for me?

This course is highly suitable for Salesforce people to help their representatives with improved account planning, proper customer acknowledgement. Further, if you want to broaden your knowledge on latest sales trend and then you can take up this course. The tool enriches you with customizable sales insights.

Who gets the best with Salesforce developer certified training?

The certification is apt if you are

  • System administrators
  • Developers
  • Individuals with a passion for a career in Salesforce (or)
  • Sales representatives

Key features:

Add up characteristics of Salesforce developer training course are

  • Comes with 2 model question papers that ensure 99% pass rate
  • User-friendly downloadable e-book for quick reference
  • 40 hours of training by industrial experts
  • 24 hours of industry based real time projects
  • 28 hours of practical session


Upon the successful completion of the course you will be able to

  • Create new applications using graphic interface
  • Get an idea of Visual force, Apex and sites
  • Handle data validation, Automation, Debugging and implementation of customizing apps
  • Rise as a star celebrity with high ROI of your company

Professional projects with Salesforce Developer training:

Salesforce Developer certification training almost covers project of high professionalism that adds value to your career. Most project scenarios consist of developing a sales and service managing system.


The trainee gets a chance to work as a Salesforce developer in the telecommunication industry and is responsible for managing the entire process within the defined time frame.


The project is on sales and service management in an automobile industry. The ultimate aim of the project is to capture lead information, opportunity information and contact details. Upon the successful completion of the project, the individuals will acquire the skill to implement and manage various applications of sales platform and go ahead with businesses in the automobile sector.


The project deals with the recruitment process in a company or consultancy. The trainee gets trained to manage processes such as job postings, recruiter information and candidate information. By the end of the project, the individual will master the HR management in Salesforce platform.

Guidelines to get into the Salesforce Certified App Builder:

At the ground level, the candidate must have cleared the platform App Builder exam (DEV 401) to become a Salesforce Certified App Developer.

Step-1: Visit certification. Sales

Step-2: Register for Salesforce DEV 401 exam

Step-3: Take the exam and get certified

Most trainees have come up with positive feedbacks that the training was insightful with lots of practical in formations shared.

After your training, you will stay refreshed with better knowledge on Apex, Visual workflow and development tools.

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