Why Companies Love Big Data (And You Should ,Too!)

If you grew up understanding RDBMS and using conventional modes of handling large volumes of data, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Move over DBMS , and welcome Big Data. Take a look at some of the top trending reasons why every company, especially in a technological vibrant country as India, must learn about Big Data. This is the main reason why it’s best to learn about Big Data in Chennai which features topics like data mining and ETL.

Information Managers Are Sought After

The next part of the story is who will run the show? There has to be a specialist or an engineer who knows all the intricacies of Big Data and can analyse them quickly. While the need for Big Data increases, geniuses called Information Managers are trained to handle the tools.

Interesting Technologies Are Involved In Big Data

The analysis and processing of data for several customers is no easy feat. Specific tools and skill sets are required to yield good results. Unlike the programming languages taught in school, Big Data requires complex algorithms and information retrieval methods.

Data Scientists are involved in working with Big Data as it moves across sectors like healthcare, hospitality and engineering. There is a severe shortage of skilled Data Scientists and this job will soon see plenty of takers.

Several institutes in Chennai offer job oriented program, hands on training and live projects for users. Get certified as a developer, administrator, data scientist or consultant and reach for the top job in Big Data. With practical knowledge, participants will learn how to operate the tools in the system and learn all about the basics of Hadoop and HBase.

Provide Efficient Customer-related Services

An old adage goes thus that customer is king. However clichéd it might sound, it holds true in any business. Consider a customer care center of a company. Every time you are in the queue, there is a message alert that says your query will answered in a few seconds. Not minutes, but seconds.

What is the connection here? In any industry or service, if the customers’ queries have to be processed quickly, their data must be present in front of the executive. When you look at the fine details, you will see that several tools are working behind the scenes to fetch the information.

Not just text messages, audio calls and images are processed which finally leads us to the crux of the matter- get Big Data.

Better Interaction With Customers

Healthcare companies require Big Data to attain better levels of interaction with their customers. There are devices and apps that let one know the amount of calories burnt, total intake of calories and relevant details.

It is clear that healthcare companies are relying heavily on large sets of data to interact and connect with users. To achieve this purpose, companies have to gather hordes of information, process them and analyse for clear results. All this is done using Big Data.

Big Data For Everyone

If you ever argued that Big Data is meant for IT alone, you are probably wrong. Big Data is in huge demand. From politics, sports, tourism and industries –all of them make use of Big Data in one way or the other. Hospitals and health care centers use Big Data for predictive analysis of ailments and write customized health charts.

This leads us to another question. Is Big Data measurable? Major blue-chip companies have invested huge amounts of money in areas such as data analytics. Open source software is again adopted to minimize expenses.

In order to make the most of Big Data, a different approach is needed. Cloud-based services provide the necessary storage for huge volumes of data. Moreover, Big Data is not just confined to numbers. Media files like audio and recordings are included.

Big Data shows no sign of aging. Considering the vast amounts of data in demand from multiple sectors, and the increase in the usage of mobile phones have triggered the demand for Big Data. Nearly 2.5 terabytes of data is generated, which is voluminous enough to fill the earth.

If you are curious to know more, hear it from the Big Data specialists in your city and check out the relevant training courses.

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