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How Do Online Classes Work?

  • Live Salesforce Scenario!
  • Customized Trainer!
  • Personal Touch!
  • Cost Effectiveness!
  • What else do you need???

We head up with the latest trend called online training to satisfy all your Salesforce training needs. We provide a live Salesforce platform with certified trainers. The Courses are crafted by Salesforce experts. It is specially made for your success. It is an interactive plot where you can view, get to know and flourish.

Online training makes you more prolific and agile. Modern online classes help you save money. It supports you to find solutions you want. It enables you to study what you demand without a waste of time. Prefer the classes what you exclusively need.

Structure of Online Classes

Most of the Salesforce Training Institutes intend to provide online training. Once you are admitted to an online training program, you will get access to the course management software. You can log in to your personal account and get started. You will get live lectures, recorded lectures, and text and slide materials relevant to your training program. You can take notes while listening or reading the lectures. The course content varies according to the program. You will get some practical assignments, practicing which helps you to tackle real-time challenges.
It is designed in a way to teach you how to enhance sales, understand the flow of works, generate and manage leads, resolve issues, accelerate profit and get a lot more done with Salesforce. The course content comprises of,

  • Basic introduction
  • Merits of Salesforce solutions
  • Lead generation and management
  • Account management
  • Contact management
  • Sales management
  • Activities involved
  • Information search using reports, views and dashboards
  • User adoption

The training is interactive so that you are always guided by a trainer. There will be sessions for questions and answers, discussions and reviews. The classes are scheduled as weekdays and weekend batches. You can choose the time and course as per your wish. The Online class is a very good tool to speed up the training process and to overcome the shortcomings of onsite training programs.

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